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Also, check out Alexia’s multi-media exhibit, MOTHER: THE JOB, the premiere exhibit in the first-ever Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) New York City, 9/1-12/31, 2011!!

MOTHERevolution™ WE GET IT™

We are an edgy, fun “love” brand for mothers – all mothers – working in the home or out of it. We’ve designed the greatest casual, oversized bags, carry-alls, hand bags and the small accessory and utility bags to go inside them! Eco-chic and printed with just the right look on the outside -with images and wording on the lining inside- that you won’t find anywhere else! We think you’re going to be surprised and we think you’re going to love it!

We have a simple message. The role of women – mothers in particular – is changing and WE GET IT.

We get that being a mother is a job, whether it’s your first job in the morning that lasts all day or your second shift job in the evening. We get that women are looking for more balance and more shared responsibility in bringing up the next generation. Whether from their partners, their job management, their nation’s family policies, mothers-helping-mothers or their family.

“I believe mothers are very aware of society’s dismissal and devaluation of the labor and skill set involved in raising kids. Whether it’s a mother’s primary job or her “second shift” job, it’s her priority. Of that you can be sure. The altruism behind the near twenty year active tenure involved in the journey of raising a human being from infancy to young adulthood has less to do with the kitchen sink - and lots to do with instilling virtues, making sacrifices and putting in the time.

In other words, it’s a job. WE GET IT.” - Alexia Nye Jackson, Founder, MOTHERevolution™

MOTHERevolution™ WE GET IT™

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